Scaffolding Rental Services in Western Australia

Our design is engineered to address the unique conditions of your construction site and the size and scale of the project while meeting government and mine site specifications.

What We Do

We tailor scaffolding solutions for Western Australian construction, residential and mining sites, including design, engineering, transportation, installation and maintenance.

We also offer skilled labour for mining shutdowns throughout Western Australia. Our personnel include supervisors, scaffolders, riggers and other skilled labour.

Our equipment is regularly tested for safety compliance, and we provide job opportunities for scaffolders, riggers and trades assistants.

We design, engineer, deliver and erect the scaffolding. Then we conduct monthly testing and supplemental maintenance and then vary the structure to sustain safety and assure your compliance.

Let us handle your scaffolding needs from start to finish.

Commercial Services

EZ-SCAF offers a comprehensive range of tailored solutions for commercial enterprises across Western Australia. With extensive experience serving diverse industrial sectors, we can design, transport and erect scaffolding structures that maximise safety, accessibility and efficiency. Our team is committed to delivering quality outcomes for every project, big or small.

Residential Services

Our scaffolding solutions cater to the specific needs of residential construction projects. Our team provides safe and secure access to your site for workers and equipment, while also ensuring minimal disruption to your property and surroundings. We offer a range of scaffold types and sizes to meet your requirements, and our equipment is regularly maintained and tested for safety and compliance.

Custom Work

Our scaffolding solutions for complex custom work are designed to meet the specific needs of construction sites while adhering to regulatory standards set by local, state and federal authorities. We offer a full range of services from design and engineering to transportation, delivery and erection, ensuring safety, security and compliance.

Dark Sky Festival

In April 2023, The State Government of Western Australia celebrated the
solar eclipse by hosting the Dark Sky Festival in Exmouth.


Total weight of
the stage


Estimated attendance
for the three-day festival


The reason for the
Dark Sky Festival

A festival expected to attract 70,000 attendees over three days required a viewing platform to accommodate the crowd. The event also needed a performance stage for 10 live acts, including AV systems and LED TV screens. Engineers calculated the stage would weigh 9 tonnes, with stage towers holding screens and speakers weighing 2,000 KGs on either side.


EZ-SCAF was contracted to design and build the viewing platform for the Dark Sky Festival. The team conducted a site visit to assess the terrain and plan the logistics of transporting the platform and materials. They utilised a modular scaffolding system to construct the platform, allowing for customisation to meet the festival’s unique needs. EZ-SCAF also coordinated with other contractors to ensure a seamless setup and tear-down process

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Fencing Hire

Looking for reliable temporary fencing for your construction site or building project? We have a large inventory of fencing available for hire, providing secure solutions for your site needs.

Shutdown Labour

Need dependable labour for mine shutdowns? Our experienced team includes skilled tradespeople including scaffolders and riggers, supervisors, safety experts and efficient logistics managers. Whether planned or emergency, we get the job done safely and efficiently.

Shutdown Labour | EZ - SCAF

Why Us?

Safety Assurance Services | EZ - SCAF
We prioritise safety with utmost care for your project, equipment and personnel. Our safety management system ensures that we comply with all requirements to get the job done safely.
Integrity | EZ - SCAF
At EZ-SCAF, we provide top-quality scaffolding solutions to our clients, delivering on our promises and ensuring quality outcomes.
Efficiency | EZ - SCAF
We prioritise attention to detail for careful business practices. We respect and care for the environment in which we work, but we also ensure our work practices are efficient, aligning with elevated work platforms and industrial scaffolding standards.
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Industries We Serve

We proudly serve a range of diverse business sectors in the Perth, Pilbara, Kimberly’s, and Goldfields of Western Australia, with a commitment to delivering tailored scaffolding solutions to even the most remote locations. Here are just some of the industries we serve:
Oil & Gas
Commercial Real Estate
Civil Construction
Local, State & Federal Government

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Safety First: Our Commitment to You

We go the extra mile to ensure our construction support systems comply with all safety regulations. Our comprehensive safety management system is meticulously designed to identify potential hazards and mitigate risks, thereby ensuring a safe working environment for everyone involved.

Regular safety audits are conducted on all our elevated work platforms and temporary structures to ensure they meet or exceed industry safety standards. We use only high-quality, industry-approved materials in our scaffolding solutions, further reinforcing the safety measures we have in place.

By choosing EZ-SCAF, you’re not just opting for a scaffolding service; you’re choosing a partner committed to the safety and well-being of your project, equipment, and personnel.

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